Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant deserves so much better from fans

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After an injury riddled 2018 campaign for former Chicago Cubs MVP Kris Bryant, people have been quick to forget the type of elite player he’s proven to be.

Kris Bryant lunged to his left to snag a hot shot off the bat of Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich, scurried to tag the third base bag and fired across the infield. The play would’ve got the Cubs out of a bases-loaded jam in the bottom of the ninth inning if Bryant were to complete the 5-3 double play. The only problem? Yelich beat it out. Milwaukee walked off the Cubs on Monday afternoon and Bryant went from the GOAT to the goat.

Bryant should have gone home with the ball. However, his momentum was taking him away from the plate and toward third base. He made a snap decision and an incorrect one at that.

Negative Reaction

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The instant story from the game was Bryant’s decision to try for the double play instead of going home with the ball. Bryant was attacked by fans and local media for his decision, which led to an attack of his overall skills as a baseball player.

Chicago Sun-Times writer Mark Potash sent out a tweet which read as follows:

"“Kris Bryant is a great player, but there’s a definite difference between Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Bryant loves the game. Rizzo lives the game. Rizzo always knows what the right play is.”"

Many Cubs fans were quick to share the belief that Bryant isn’t a “heady” baseball player. Not only is this take reactionary, but also sloppy. The former NL MVP’s baseball instincts and knack for the game are a major part of what makes him so great.


One mistake doesn’t change who Kris Bryant is as a baseball player or who he’ll continue to be throughout this pennant race and beyond. He is the same guy that scored from first on a bloop single to win a game. The same guy who will sacrifice his ego to play any position asked of him, and do so at a high level. The same guy who has a developed a keen sense for the strike zone that most sluggers don’t possess.

Bryant lives for the game of baseball, and 9.9 times out of 10, will make the savvy play, the winning play.

According to Fangraphs, Bryant ranks top five in WAR since he came into the league. He has six Defensive Runs Saved at both third base and as an outfielder. Fielding was supposed to be Bryant’s weakness as a prospect. Due to his flexibility and athleticism, he has turned it into a strength.

Bryant is the best all-around baseball player we have seen in Chicago in a long time. He shares the same mental advantage as an Anthony Rizzo or even a Javier Baez. He is consistently trying to take the extra base or get the extra out. He is so focussed on the game, that he says he hasn’t bothered with nightlife, and has never consumed a drop of alcohol.

Rizzo will always be underappreciated. dark. Next

The slugger’s commitment to the game of baseball should never be in question. He spends more time working on his craft than anyone and it shows. Next time Bryant gets the opportunity, he’ll throw home.