Chicago Cubs fans are spoiled by Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies in the booth

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Chicago Cubs
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No longer the ‘Lovable Losers’, the Chicago Cubs are in the midst of a Golden Age on the field. In the booth, we’re also enjoying a first-class broadcast team.

Three consecutive NLCS appearances, a World Series championship and countless awards later, this Chicago Cubs team continues to pile riches on the fans. And, just as we have become spoiled by the product on the field, we have also been quite spoiled by the best broadcast tandem in baseball, Len Kasper and Jim “JD” Deshaies.

As multi-generational Cubs fans will tell you, the broadcaster develops a bond with the fan that becomes almost familial, as we welcome the guys into our living room just as they welcome us into the ballpark.

Icons like Jack Brickhouse, Lou Boudreau, Vince Lloyd, Ron Santo, Harry Caray, and even Steve Stone became part of the family, with pangs and twinges felt upon their departure from the booth, and tears shed upon their departure from this Earth. Their personalities allowed them to become fast friends with the viewer, whether it was a call of “holy mackerel,” “kiss it goodbye,” “hey-hey,” or “holy cow.”

Broadcasters of the past were able to share the facts, stats, sights, and feelings of the game, with fans needing to hear the comforting voice after a particularly bad error or loss just as much as the sheer and utter jubilation after a walk-off home run or great shoestring catch.