Chicago Cubs: Who do we turn to with Mike Montgomery sidelined?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Dipping into the farm system

Don’t forget that Randy Rosario is currently on the Cubs active roster. That is important because he has options and can be sent back to Triple-A. So the Cubs could send him back to the minors and call up a pitcher to make the start. This is the plan that I like best.

Luke Farrell has made a couple of spot starts. However, they haven’t been good ones. Farrell has pitched well at times as a reliever, but he just doesn’t seem suited to being a starting pitcher.

I’d prefer the Cubs call up Duane Underwood Jr. He made a successful spot start in Los Angeles earlier this year. The Cubs have enough time where they could make sure Underwood is properly rested in case his minor league turn in the rotation doesn’t line up with the day the Cubs would need him in the majors.

Once the Cubs get to the expanded rosters on Sept. 1,  several more options arise. A bullpen day is more realistic because the Cubs will have more relief pitchers on the active roster. Darvish and Montgomery should return from the disabled list at some point. Maybe even Drew Smyly could make a start at that point. Unfortunately Smyly is not quite ready yet. But for now calling up Underwood seems like a much better option than giving Chatwood another start.