Chicago Cubs: Who do we turn to with Mike Montgomery sidelined?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Giving everyone a touch?

The Cubs could make the next turn through the rotation a bullpen day. They would commit to using each of the guys in their bullpen for an inning or two. If things get out of control toward the end of the game, they could still toss Chatwood out there to eat a bunch of innings in a meaningless situation.

I don’t like this plan either. I’m already concerned about how much the Cubs are using Steve Cishek, Pedro Strop and Justin Wilson this year. It will use everyone or almost everyone in the bullpen. In the days leading up to the game, Maddon would have to carefully manage his pitching staff to have the bullpen ready. In the days after the contest, he would need to rest some of the relief pitchers.

As for using Chatwood at the end of the game if things get out of hand, that just feels like a reverse of what the Cubs did last night. Would that be any better than having position players pitch?