Chicago Cubs: Examining an unusual distribution of innings this season

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: These guys are carrying the load

Steve Cishek, Pedro Strop and Justin Wilson have been healthy and pitching well all year. After a brief struggle with his control in the beginning of the season Wilson is closer to being the pitcher he was for the Tigers than the one he was for the Cubs last season. The problem is that the team has needed them so much.

As explained above no one in the starting rotation has been lasting into the later innings of their games. The other regular guys in the bullpen have missed some time due to injury. If it wasn’t for the surprisingly good performance from the Triple-A pitching depth these three would have been asked to throw even more than they already have.

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With two months to go in the regular season, do you think Cishek, Strop and Wilson have pitched too much?

Will the rest from time on the disabled list help a few Cubs pitchers? Might the starting pitchers be in a better place come October because they have had so many short starts this year? I’m not sure, but I’m surprised to see innings spread around the pitching staff this way on a competitive team.