Chicago Cubs: Examining an unusual distribution of innings this season

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Chicago Cubs: Former Texas hurlers to save the day?

You can’t do anything about the number of innings that pitchers that you trade for have thrown before you trade for them. But I do think we should consider where the new arrivals stand.

Jesse Chavez‘s inning totals are all over the map. Chavez frequently bounces back and forth between being a starter and a reliever. He is said to have a rubber arm. Since coming to the Cubs he has been nearly perfect in eight innings. He has yet to allow a run including three innings yesterday. Chavez’s ability to throw multiple innings should help to relieve some of that pressure that is being place upon the bullpen.

Two years ago, Cole Hamels pitched over 200 innings. Last year he threw 148 innings. So far this season Hammels has only thrown 114 1/3. So he is unlikely to be at risk of throwing too many innings this season. The question is how good will the results be that Hammels will put up as a Cub?

And will he be another starting pitcher who doesn’t last deep into the game and require more work from the bullpen?