Chicago Cubs: Anthony Rizzo somehow remains underrated in fans’ eyes

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Chicago Cubs: Year-in, year-out, Rizzo delivers

There are few players in all of baseball, let alone on the Chicago Cubs, as predictable as Anthony Rizzo. Annually since 2014, the Cubs first baseman has hit at least 31 home runs. In each of the last three seasons, he eclipsed the 100-RBI mark, as well.

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Like I said, you know what you’re getting.

But power-hitting first baseman grow on trees, right? That may be the case, but there’s a big difference between Rizzo and someone like, say, Pedro AlvarezHe fits that power-hitting first baseman line. And that’s not to take anything away from the Cubs’ fearless leader, either. It simply comes down to the fact there’s far more to his game than hitting homers.

He’s always been a remarkably good hitter in pitcher-friendly counts. Why? Because he chokes up and understands a seemingly lost art: cutting down your swing for contact. In today’s launch angle revolution, the majority of big leaguers fail to shorten up. Just ask Baez, who’s notorious for violent swings and misses.

In fact, last year, Rizzo walked more than he struck out (91:90) – a remarkable feat for anyone, let alone a ‘power-hitting first baseman’. This guy simply gets how to hit – and it goes far, far beyond his power game.