Chicago Cubs: I’m sorry to say, but Chris Gimenez has got to go

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Despite the Chicago Cubs’ including Chris Gimenez on the roster for a veteran presence, all he’s doing is taking up a valuable roster spot.

I still can’t figure out why the Chicago Cubs signed Chris Gimenez. When Chicago remained in pursuit of Yu Darvish, the signing made sense. The former battery mate of Darvish could serve as his personal catcher should he sign with the Cubs.

That hasn’t been the case. Gimenez has only caught Darvish once thus far in 2018. As we all know, the right-hander remains on the disabled list for the second time this year and has not pitched in over a month. Meanwhile, Gimenez remains on the big league roster.

He didn’t make the team in spring

Remember Gimenez didn’t make the 25-man roster when the Cubs broke camp in Masa back in late March. The backup catcher’s job went to Victor Caratini.

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The Cubs sent Caratini to Triple-A Iowa in late May and called up Gimenez. Management cited a lack of regular playing time for Caratini as their primary motivator.

However, another reason for the catcher swap could have been that Gimenez’s minor-league contract had a player opt-out on June 1 if he wasn’t called up to the majors. This seems to be a far likelier factor in the decision.

He hasn’t done anything in the majors

Okay, I might be getting too harsh on the guy. He has only played in 11 games a the big leagues in  2018, but in those games, he’s done nothing.

He is hitting .155 (3-for-26), and he is  0-for-3 in his efforts to trying to throw out base stealers.

Again it’s not a significant sample size, but it’s big enough to gain a gauge of what he is capable of contributing.

Why is he still in the majors

The only logical reason I can think of as to why the Cubs are keeping Gimenez on the roster is to provide veteran leadership to this still very young team in the clubhouse. He’s in a smaller role as David Ross was back in 2016.

Maybe the Cubs want that veteran presence, but Gimenez is a far cry from Ross. The latter was flawless behind the plate and contributed just enough with the bat to warrant consistent playing time.

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I have nothing against Chris Gimenez, but there’s no way Willson Contreras can play every day, so the Cubs need a backup catcher. The problem? That guy is still in Triple-A Iowa.