Chicago Cubs: Looking for positives in this series from hell

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Over the past three days, the Chicago Cubs have seen few positives. Losses, injuries and sloppy play have soured feelings real fast. But, there’s still time.

Chicago Cubs fans felt their heart get torn out of their chests Saturday afternoon.

Why, you ask? Cincinnati Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani hit a grand slam off Brian Duensing. That shot was the first grand slam by a Reds pitcher since 1959, and it made it an 8-1 ballgame. After losing the first two games to last place Cincinnati, it made the game a lot worse. The Cubs are one loss away from being swept in a four-game series.

Just this past Wednesday the Cubs took two of three from the Los Angeles Dodgers, the hottest team in baseball. Normally Joe Maddon‘s Cubs have dominated the Reds, but this year has not been the case. Cubs leads in the first two games evaporated when the Reds put up monster innings, quickly putting the games away.

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Bad pitching, bad defense, bad offense. Key players like Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant have struggled mightily at the plate, hitting a combined .056 in the series. The offense scored a combined seven runs while the Reds have scored 23. Nothing has gone right.


Trying to bring some light to the darkness.

There is no way to twist the team’s play this series, it has been awful. Nobody to blame but themselves. However as much as it is annoying to say, these things do happen. Even after their last loss the team is still 42-32, 10 games above .500. It is not an excuse, but in a 162 game season there are bumps in the road like these.

Sitting two games back of Milwaukee on June 23 is certainly not doom to the season. Last season, the Cubs went on a six-game losing streak, including being swept by the San Diego Padres. It does not make this less frustrating, but maybe at least a little calming when looking at the big picture.

Are there some concerns? Yeah. Injuries to Yu Darvish, Brandon Morrow and Carl Edwards Jr. certainly are worrisome. Some consistency from the rotation outside Jon Lester is also wanted, same from the offense. But even with the problems they still have one of the NL’s best records. This team has proven how good they are, and it seems like when slumps from key guys are busted *cough* Rizzo *cough* Bryant, things will take off again.

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It is perfectly okay to be frustrated, but remember who this team is. Until proven otherwise, it would seem like this is a bump in the road. Get healthy, get hot and this team can do anything.