Chicago Cubs: Look who has the best record in the National League now

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Remember in April when the Chicago Cubs went 9-9, alternately winning and losing?  Or were swept by the Cardinals in early May?  And Rizzo’s terrible, horrible, awful, April? 

Well, look at them now.  The Chicago Cubs have the best winning percentage in the National League.  So chill out, everybody – they got this.

Every team wins 60 games; every team loses 60 games; it’s the 42 in the middle that makes the difference.  That adage might not be true this year for the lamentable Orioles, much to my son’s dismay.  But the fact is right now the Cubs are on a very hot streak.

They are atop the Senior Circuit in OPS, and … wait for it – lead all of baseball in walks and OBP.  Further, they are below league average in strikeouts and have grounded into an MLB-low 39 double plays.  Doesn’t pass the eye candy test, does it?

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But it gets better.  Cubs pitching leads the National League in ERA. In ERA+ they are the best in baseball.  They have given up the fewest total runs and earned runs in the NL, and the fewest home runs in MLB.  They also lead the National League in total defensive wins above average.

Get serious

Does anyone REALLY think the Cubs won’t make the postseason for the fourth time in a row?  The Cubs are better than the sixth-best team in the NL; they will make the postseason. In fact, I believe this team right now in 2018 will make the postseason for at least the next three years, making it seven postseasons in a row, 2015-2021. What happens after that? Who knows?

Time to think like Yankees fans (I know, yuck, right?)

Finally, I know a lot of Yankees fans and do you know what they DON’T worry about? The regular season. Why? Because they know the Yankees will make the postseason. And we know the Cubs will make the postseason, a lot.

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Yankees fans worry about the postseason, so Cubs fans, stop worrying now and save it…..for the postseason.  Think like a Yankees fan (but just don’t be like one).