Chicago Cubs: Why do people take Pedro Strop for granted?

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Often, relievers are looked at in an interchangeable fashion. When the Chicago Cubs acquired Jake Arrieta in 2013, they landed an invaluable bullpen arm.

Of course, everyone remembers that trade because Arrieta brought home a Cy Young Award and played a critical role in the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series run. But at this point, you can make the case that Strop has left a mark as big – or even bigger – than Arrieta himself.

Since coming to the Cubs, Strop has pitched in 328 games. He posted a 2.65 ERA across 298 1/3 innings, giving up just 192 hits, walking 115 hitters, and striking out 342 hitters. Over this span, he surrendered just 17 home runs. That’s astounding in this day and age. His performance must have something to do with how he wears his hat.

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When he rubs the magic pitching dust from his hat when he takes the mound, it’s a safe bet that Strop will keep the game right where it is. He the ability to get big outs for the Cubs – as he’s done for years.

The right-hander finished 52 games and recorded seven saves during in the last five years. Can somebody point me in the direction of where to get one of those magic hats?

His playoff stats are more of the same. In his 19 playoff appearances with the Cubs, Strop has a 2.25 ERA, and that little World Series ring, as well.

Strop is one of the best relievers in baseball every year, and he may just be in the top five of Cubs’ relief pitchers all time.

Alongside this, Cubs’ fans have become enamored with Strop, too. The collective #HatstotheLeft hashtag every time he enters the game is a top five rallying cry for current Cubs’ players.

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How Pedro Strop wears his hat is what makes him go. Having worn it to the side his whole career and been a very effective pitcher because of it. What would happen if he decided to wear his hat straight? Let’s not mess with that mojo.