Chicago Cubs: Jake Arrieta returned home wearing enemy colors

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

Over the offseason, the Chicago Cubs made an offer to their former Cy Young pitcher. An offer that would not result in him returning to the North Side, opening the door for another arm.

It was a sad day but baseball is a business like any other professional sport. Honestly, it’s the dirtiest part of the game. We’ve witnessed some beloved Chicago Cubs come and go, while we’re spoiled by those who stick around through thick and thin.

When it was time for Jake Arrieta to receive a new contract, it was a no-doubter. To me, the Cubs should have given the man what he was looking for. Instead, Jake and his family picked up and moved to Philadelphia to join the Phillies.

A team in the process of rebuilding as some of their legendary veterans rode off into the sunset. Perfectly fitting for a man who helped carry an entire city and championship drought on his shoulders.

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On July 2nd, 2013, the Chicago Cubs pulled off what would later be known as possibly the greatest trade of Theo Epstein’s career. In exchange for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger, Epstein reeled in Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop.

Over time, both men involved in the deal evolved into two of the best pitchers the Cubs had available on their roster. Strop handled the late innings, setting the table for Hector Rondon and later on, Aroldis Chapman.

A Cy Young emerges

Meanwhile, Arrieta’s true nature emerged, hurling two career no-hitters and earning himself a Cy Young in 2016. The same year in which that 108-year championship drought would come to an end, thus making this man a hero for life.

When 2017 came to a close, deep down, we had a feeling Jake’s time with the Chicago Cubs had run its course. During his time with the Cubs, Jake chewed up inning after inning, never once complaining about the workload.

Time after time, Arrieta proved to us that he was in Chicago to win. At the same time, he was earning himself a massive contract. One the Cubs refused to give him, later signing Yu Darvish to a six-year, $126 million deal.

"“I thought I was afforded a little more respect than that. I was in a situation where I would have appreciated some negotiations.” — Arrieta via USA Today"

It was official. Jake Arrieta’s historic march with the Cubs had met its end. Despite the “lack” of respect, at the time, Arrieta’s return to Wrigley Field on Tuesday showed no signs of hard feelings.

Instead, it was quite the opposite.

Love for the Windy City

While speaking to the press from the visiting dugout, Jake mentioned a text exchange with first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo, being the cornerstone of this organization, has a special bond with former Cubs Starlin Castro, Dexter Fowler, and Arrieta himself.

Apparently, Rizzo told Arrieta that he couldn’t believe he was ducking the Cubbies. Replying with, “I’m just trying to help you guys catch Milwaukee.” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Well played, Jake, well-played. Although he may not pitch against the Cubs this time around, sooner or later, these two forces will collide. Similar to Starlin and Dexter, Jake received a standing ovation from the Wrigley Faithful as the Cubs paid tribute to the former hurler.

A bond that will no contract for any amount of money can break.