Chicago Cubs Rumors: Is Yu Darvish looking to bide some time?

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Several years ago, I looked at the Chicago Cubs’ Edwin Jackson and his trip to the DL. Is Yu Darvish looking to do the same thing?

I realize that sometimes, I can go a little further than I should. Take, for instance, Yu Darvish. A few years ago, I made the assessment (with no backing, mind you) that Edwin Jackson was placed on the DL with, well, no issues.  It was a strained lat, but we knew that there was a lot more going on. So now that Darvish is going on to the DL with a triceps injury is there anything we should be expecting?

Darvish is hoping to be back by his next start. It would simply be enough to miss his start but to get back on the horse once again. But the thing is, is that really what’ going on? Look, I’m not one to go on about the struggles he’s had, or the issues that he’s had along the way.

The leg kick?

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But there’s something along the way that plagued him. He added the leg hitch than took it away. It seems the Cubs are looking to simplify his approach, to cut down on the number of pitches he’s thrown.

The Cubs can claim that the right triceps tendonitis might not be ready, and they can claim to leave him on the DL for another 10 days.

This has been the idea from a few different readers along the way, but I just couldn’t take the idea of this being real…until now. Maybe he is biding some time while he tries to work his way through it?

Darvish has been looking for his “way out,” and this might be it. Maybe just a little bit of extended spring training would be all he needs to get himself going. It’s an unusual way out, but perhaps this is the way he needs to go.

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This is an awkward way to go, but this could be the way that gets him right. If he needs just this extra 10 days on the DL, so be it. Again, I’m in no way saying that he isn’t hurt. But, if he isn’t injured, and is just trying to find his way back? I’m all for it. Whatever it might be, we’re locked up for a few more years. Let’s try to get this right before it gets too far off.