Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein, Cubs front-office focused on current roster

Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

 Soon, teams across the league will be contacting each other to swap veteran players or young men who could become stars. Being in the middle of the division, when will the Chicago Cubs pick up the phone?

I do not envy those who are in charge of rebuilding professional baseball teams. For Chicago Cubs‘ President, Theo Epstein, it seems like a cake walk. Epstein is a man who made a name for himself with the Boston Red Sox, ending their infamous curse.

Shortly after doing so, Theo set his sights on an even bigger challenge. A challenge that put him and his new look front-office up against 100 years of suffering. This man spoke of a blueprint and made necessary moves to end a championship drought in November 2016.

It all started with first baseman Anthony Rizzo who was acquired from the San Diego Padres. Also, he managed to reel in some great draft selections and prospects such as Addison Russell and Kyle Hendricks.

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Right now, the point is Epstein knows when this club needs to improve. So, what’s going on with Baltimore Orioles third baseman, Manny Machado? Well, we all know that Machado and Almora are childhood friends, so there’s that connection.

However, having a good friend on a baseball team doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to wear the same uniform.

Silencing all talks

Ahead of Friday’s series opener against the San Francisco Giants, Epstein took the time to speak to the media regarding rumors. You know, our favorite word that builds up to predictable or unexpected trades that leave us flooding social media with our own opinions.

Armchair general managers. Shout out to Nicholas Blazek for that one. Anyway, according to the Chicago Tribune, Epstein told reporters that “there is essentially zero trade talks” Chicago Cubs.

Surely, there are fans who don’t believe that for a second. He did, though, go onto say, “A constant focus outside the organization doesn’t do us any good, especially when it’s not based in reality right now.”

No point in worrying about the future, especially when you have a slew of talent on your current big league roster. Another point Epstein made very clear on Friday afternoon by acknowledging the talent the Cubs have to win not only the division but another World Series title.

Finding yourself as a team

Last year, the Cubs stumbled out of the gate and somewhat found themselves in similar trouble in 2018. At times, this team surges with a flurry of runs while Joe Maddon‘s pitching staff cruises through innings like Kel does orange soda.

Then you have those days where Chicago’s bats couldn’t hit a beach ball and pitchers find themselves with earned runs under their belts. It’s baseball, these things are going to happen, even to the best teams in the league.

Regardless, you can’t let these frustrating times define your team and or club and remainder of your season.

"“It’s perfectly OK to be really frustrated (with) our inability to really get locked in and get hot and play up to our talent and our expectations, while at the same time being really optimistic that this group will ultimately figure it out, like they have in the past.” — Epstein via Chicago Tribune"

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With Epstein talking Machado and other points regarding the team, we all need to continue to trust the process. Theo came to us with a system that was put in motion with the Red Sox and later lifted the world’s weight from our own shoulders.

When the time and deal is right, Theo Epstein and this front-office will improve this roster like they have been doing for years now.