Chicago Cubs: The rotation is starting to take shape

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

It’s hard to believe, but the Chicago Cubs’ rotation is starting to take shape. Well, maybe. But it’s something you can start to see happening.

When you look at the Chicago Cubs‘ rotation, you can see it coming together. Yu Darvish had a solid game today. Jose Quintana was magnificent, and Jon Lester was strong again. The only one that was ‘lackluster’ was Kyle Hendricks, but that wasn’t all his fault. His five innings of work weren’t his greatest, but four earned runs (three earned) weren’t the worst he could do, either.

The biggest change of them all? Darvish. After throwing over 30+ pitches in the first, he calmed down after that. Over 94 pitches (54 for strikes), Darvish allowed just one run and two hits while allowing three walked batters. He looked impressive in his last outing but had to leave after four innings due to leg cramps.

Not there in the first

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“My off-speed pitches, as well as my fastball, weren’t there during the first inning,” Darvish responded. “I’m still changing my mechanics, so there’s room to wiggle.” Darvish got off to a rough start, but if not for a Javier Baez misplay it could have been worse.

Instead, it ended with just one run allowed. From there, he found his fastball and had no issues the rest of the game.

Absolutely brilliant

Quintana allowed just one hit and struck out seven over seven innings. He was absolutely brilliant, although much can be said about the Reds lineup. But when you start putting together these types of runs against these lineups? Things will only get easier, not harder.

Hendricks allowed four runs (three earned), and it wasn’t his best outing. But in the end, he was just one inning short of a ‘quality start’. And it was the Great American Ballpark. It’s always has been a hitters park.

Tyler Chatwood may have found his rhythm, as he threw 5 1/3 innings against Atlanta. He was more than surprised when Joe Maddon came out to get him. His suspicion was confirmed when Carl Edwards Jr.gave up three runs on three hits in just 1/3 of an inning. But all you can do is give your best and turn it over to the bullpen. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

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The Cubs rotation isn’t always going to be solid. It’s just not. But sometimes you have to have a little faith in them to get the job done. It’s starting to look like that it’s starting to work out.