Chicago Cubs News: Cubs can turn it around; Chatwood’s numbers

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The Chicago Cubs are far from a lost cause. But they do need to make some improvements to get back to playing good baseball. And what to do when Ben Zobrist isn’t in the lineup?

The Chicago Cubs have a few issues staring them in the face right now. These are issues that don’t merit a whole lot of thought this early in the season. But if you let them linger, they might. From a struggling Anthony Rizzo to Ian Happ, there are changes that need to be made. Some subtle, others not so much. But many of these must be addressed now before it becomes too late.

Ben Zobrist has been suffering from some back issues. While it doesn’t appear to be serious, it’s something that needs to be addressed. Zobrist is almost 37. While he can still play at a high level, he needs his days off to rest his body. So what do the Cubs do in that case? The Cubs could go with a tandem of Albert Almora Jr. and Zobrist in the leadoff spot. At the worst, the Cubs might realize that they need someone else to fill the role. This way they can pick somebody up at the trade deadline.

When we look at the Tyler Chatwood‘s numbers, it becomes clear. He walks guys, and he strikes them out. That’s about it. That might be an oversimplification of it, but that covers a lot of it. Chatwood has the stuff to shut down hitters. But he can quickly let things get away from him in a hurry. So which pitcher are the Cubs going to get? Based on the first three starts, it doesn’t look good. But that’s just three starts…we hope.

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