Chicago Cubs: What do the Cubs need to do to turn it around?

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs are in a rut. Not a good rut–but also not bad. They’re stuck in .500 land and can’t seem to get out of it. So what do the Cubs need to do to get on track?

It’s been a “blah” sort of season for the Chicago Cubs. They’ve been shutout three times by their opponents. They had that utterly ridiculous game that. Why should it have ever been played? It was a fantastic site to see–especially if you had to listen to the Braves’ announcers. But there are plenty of other issues going on with this team. Some might be attributed to the weather, while others aren’t.

We’re going to take a look at a few things that might need a change on this club–and some you’ve already thought of. But regardless, many of these will sort themselves out along the way. The only thing is will they sort themselves out with enough time to go?

This start isn’t what we had in mind, not by any means. While we thought the Cubs would come out like in 2016 and take the division by storm? That’s been the farthest thing from the truth. They aren’t horrible. Don’t get me wrong. The Cubs show some flashes of brilliance along the way. But they’re mediocre. A “ho-hum” season thus far that needs to change–and for the better.