Chicago Cubs News: More of the same in loss; Butler paying dividends

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“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. The beginning of a Tale of Two Cities seems to fall in line with the Chicago Cubs season, as a whole. And we need to snap out of it and win some games.

The Chicago Cubs once again had to play in the cold weather, but that didn’t seem to phase the St. Louis Cardinals one bit. And while the Cubs were trying to force their way back into the game–that’s all they were doing. The game on Saturday was one of the craziest comebacks in history. But it’s not one we can count on. Again, Javier Baez sent a Greg Holland pitch deep into the night, cutting the deficit to 5-3. But that’s as close as they would come as they were shut down by Bud Norris with the tying run on first as he struck out Kyle Schwarber.

There has to be something said about Eddie Butler. First, he came in and pitched seven innings in the extra-inning affair. He’s pitched five times, allowing just a 2.45 ERA. The seven innings had something to do with that, though. Butler has become an “innings eater.” Whether it be seven or two, he comes in a “save the day,” so to speak. This from a guy who barely made the team coming out of camp.

The Cardinals series was supposed to be three critical games early in the season. But the way it’s looking, it’ll be a “one-and-done” if the weather doesn’t hold up on Wednesday. The Cubs haven’t had their way with any of the opponents so far, splitting game after game with them. Javier Baez had an excellent day, and he’s finally crept over the .200 mark (.235) with his effort against the Cardinals. Steve Cishek pitched himself out of a jam, so that’s all promising. But the Cubs need to find a way to get it all together for themselves. This .500 thing isn’t going to cut it.

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