Chicago Cubs News: Cubs lose to Pirates; Baez has learned a lesson

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 12: Kyle Hendricks
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 12: Kyle Hendricks /

Well, it seems as if we win one, then we lose one. That seems to be the M.O. of the Chicago Cubs these days. And has Javier Baez learned his lesson?

The Chicago Cubs came off a big win on Wednesday night, scoring 13 runs in a defeat of the Pittsburgh Pirates. But the whole “you used them all up last night” seems to have rung true for the Cubs. Kyle Hendricks didn’t pitch terrible, but he struggled by giving up three solo blasts to give up the lead. Kyle Schwarber managed to put one in the seats in right, but that was all the Cubs could manage.  It was a tough loss overall. But all the Cubs can do is put it behind them and get ready for the Atlanta series.

Joe Maddon didn’t see Javier Baez and his misadventures after his at-bat. But what Maddon is happy about is that one of the Cubs players who not be named brought it to Baez’s attention.  Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle didn’t like it. But that is a story for another time. Instead, Baez admitted he was wrong and copped to his mistake. That’s showing some promise is the young man’s game.

I wasn’t trying to predict what kind of day Hendricks was going to have. In fact, I would have much rather been wrong. But for the third year in a row, Hendricks struggled in his third game of the season. This isn’t metrics. This is seeing the trends of his season, and how he has struggled along the way. But now that we’ve got this out of the way? It should be smooth sailing. At least, for the most part.

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