Chicago Cubs News: 2018 predictions; Castro grateful

"W Flag" -(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
"W Flag" -(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

When we were putting together the 2018 picks together, it was clear we have high hopes for the Chicago Cubs. How high depends on which of us you talk to. And did we mention it’s OPENING DAY?

As I was putting together the predictions for the Chicago Cubs and the 2018 season, it was apparent we all felt the Cubs were headed somewhere. With the “World Series hangover” out of the way, each of us saw the Cubs at least getting to the World Series again. And many of us did indeed take them to win it all. You might say “you’re a Cubs site, that’s what you do.” But this isn’t just a bit of favoritism. This team can play. And many of us plan to see them play all the way through.

Starlin Castro hasn’t forgotten where he came from. And to be honest, I don’t think the city has forgotten him, either. Once considered to be part of the core that the Cubs would build around, that began to change with the emergence of Addison Russell. The Cubs would head to the 2015 NLCS with Castro, but that would be as far as he would go, traded to the Yankees before the following year. But Castro still loves Chicago. And I think Chicago still loves him.

The Cubs’ Eddie Butler was indeed part of the Opening Day roster. He as well as Pedro Strop each made it. But now the question becomes how long he will be on it? With no options left, Butler would have to make it through waivers–a slim chance of that happening. Can he become a potent reliever, or is he there merely as emergency back-up until the Cubs have to make a decision?

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