Chicago Cubs News: Spring training numbers; Arrieta’s farewell

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When analyzing the Chicago Cubs’ spring training numbers, we shouldn’t get too excited. While some guys are having a great spring, those numbers are skewed.

When you scour the spring training numbers for the Chicago Cubs, there are a few names that stand out. Mike Freeman is one of them. But the other part of the equation to look at is the quality of opponent. The numbers look good, but what if I told you it was against the equivalent of Double-A pitching? It’s still an impressive spring for Freeman, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt. This isn’t major league pitching he’s destroying here. Just the guys that are trying to get there.

We’ve finished with our goodbyes to Jake Arrieta, now that he’s signed with Philadelphia. But it’s discouraging to see people badmouth him. You don’t have to like Arrieta. But you can appreciate what he accomplished in Chicago. He didn’t win the World Series by himself, but he was a big part of how they got there. We wish Arrieta well in Philly. He’s out of the division. And, for now, didn’t go to a competitor. But I’d keep an eye on the Phillies. They’re working that Cubs rebuild plan out pretty well.

The Cubs’ Javier Baez recently had an MRI done on his hamstring, and it showed no serious damage. But it’s the type of injury that can linger, as proven by Willson Contreras last season. So what if Baez will miss Opening Day? We know who will fill in for him. But who would take his spot on the roster? Would the Cubs go with an extra pitcher? Or maybe an outfielder for pinch-hitting duties?

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