Chicago Cubs: We’ll miss you Arrieta, but it’s because of Boras

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(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) /

This is the last I’ll write about former Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta. Well, unless he’s in a recap. But anyhow, saying goodbye was tough. But Scott Boras made it easier.

First, I’ll understand if many of you didn’t watch the press conference for the Chicago Cubs…sorry, Philadelphia Phillies’ Jake Arrieta. It turned my stomach to see him put on that Phillies jersey. But that wasn’t what got me.

It was the grin of Scott Boras to Arrieta’s right that made me sick. We can talk about the money over the loyalty. But I get it. Arrieta wants his family to be taken care of, and that’s fair. But I feel if not for Boras, he might have stayed in Chicago.

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Pesky little man

Boras was the annoying little voice in his ear telling him he could get more. We weren’t privy to the conversations the Cubs and Arrieta had. But when Yu Darvish appeared to be on the outside of the Cubs radar, we came back to Arrieta.

There are rumors that Arrieta got the same offer that Darvish did. That can’t be verified. But if that is the case, I’ll guarantee you that Boras was the reason for it. And that is very sad.

It’s true. Arrieta saw a decline in his numbers over the past season. And he had control issues the entire time he was in Chicago. Occasionally, they would only last a few batters, and he would figure it out. But with the drop in velocity in conjunction with the control? The Cubs decided to move on.

Thanks for the memories

When Arrieta wrote this letter to Cubs’ fans, I believe it to be 100% true. Wehn he came to Chicago, he was close to hanging it up. Things weren’t working out, and he was about to call it quits. He came to Chicago, and things just clicked. Whether it was because of Chris Bosio or not, Arrieta found his way in this town.

In just 3 1/2 year in Chicago, Arrieta made his mark. With a record of 64-26, he became the Cubs first 20-game winner since Jon Lieber. He posted a 2.67 ERA with six complete games, five shutouts and two no-hitters. His career wasn’t as long, but he was by far one of the best.

So for those of you saying “who cares,” Cubs’ fans care. Arrieta was the workhorse that helped bring success to the Cubs. His Cy Young was a special season, and being part of the World Series was something that can’t be taken away. Sure, he might not get to play for another champion in Philadelphia. But that doesn’t mean fans should bad mouth him now that he’s gone.

Cubs’ fans have changed in the way they treat former players in recent years. I blame the bandwagon fans the Cubs have acquired over the past few years. And it’s easy to see who they are. If you hold anything less than respect and admiration for Arrieta, you just might be one of those fans.