Chicago Cubs management delivered on their offseason plan

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Wait ‘Til Next Year

Epstein generalized the Cubs offseason challenges, particularly in contrast to the longer term picture.

"“We knew the 2017-18 offseason would be one of our most challenging. We’ve know that for a long time. There are maybe more opportunities presented next offseason.”"

Through these words, Epstein intimated that the Cubs would not be pursuing bank-breaking signings in 2018. True to his word, only a pair of players (Chatwood and Darvish) were signed to deals spanning more than two years, and both were reasonable financial commitments.

Clearly, the Cubs know the likes of Bryce Harper will change the free agency game in 2018-19. These comments from Theo indicate that not only do the Cubs recognize this, but that they fully intend on jumping in with both feet. It’s all part of a thoughtful and measured plan. Best of all, there is no reason to believe that the Cubs will be any less effective in executing this plan than they have to this point.

All in all, Cubs leadership has delivered a product that very much addresses the needs they identified from the start. They’ve brought in pitching depth and introduced relief pitchers with more consistent track records for throwing strikes. They have invested wisely in top-tier players where it makes sense while leaving the offense largely intact. And they’ve put their trust in the growth process and evolution of their young core players.

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The measured approach has the team set up to continue to match their recent success as 2018 unfolds. It has them in a very good strategic position for future years as well.