Chicago Cubs management delivered on their offseason plan

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Don’t Expect Heavy Workloads in 2018

Both Maddon and Epstein made it clear in their postseason statements that there are some concerns. Of particular note is the wear-and-tear caused by going deep into the playoffs in each of the past three years. Epstein called 2017 a “trying season” in regards to physical and mental well-being. He went on to stress just how important his gaining an understanding of his players’ well-being was to him.

Maddon, for his part, spoke to the prospect of players playing 162 games.

"“KB’s going to want to be out there. Riz wants to be out there, but I think when we’re able to rest these guys and again, I’m talking about the latter part of the year when you don’t do well at the end, I think a lot of that is based on fatigue.”"

Perhaps more than anything else, that point figures to carry the most weight in the Cubs’ approach to 2018. This awareness led the Cubs to add depth at starting pitcher. It also led to the signing of multiple relievers and veteran depth that will compete for roster spots at catcher and outfield. Depth that will help alleviate the strain caused by overusing players over the course of long season. These are necessary steps to sustained success in Major League Baseball