Chicago Cubs News: Contreras and the new rules; KB vs. Arenado

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The new mound visit rules were set in place to help “speed up the game.” Opinions differ on if it will work, but Chicago Cubs’ catcher Willson Contreras is not a fan.

There’s a new mound visit rule in place that’s intended to help speed up the game. There are groups of people that don’t think it will work, and Willson Contreras is in that faction. The Chicago Cubs’ catcher knows that after the sixth visit, umpires will instruct players to “get back to their position.” What it is they’ll do if they don’t is unclear (Shouldn’t they have that figured out by now?). But either way, unless Contreras is getting ejected? Trip number seven and beyond to the mound are going to happen.

When we discuss the topic of Kris Bryant and Nolan Arenado, one thing is clear. They are two of the best third baseman in the game. There’s no questioning that. But which order you put them in? Ah, that is a different story, my friends. Our Jacob Misener did his best to take his personal feelings out of it (but can you?), and rate the two based on the numbers.

We also took a look at what’s going on inside camp as the Cubs ramp up for their first spring game on Friday. Ben Zobrist missed another workout due to a sore back, but manager Joe Maddon says he’s not concerned. The starters have been named for this weekends slate of games. As usual, you won’t see any of the big names quite yet. And the Seattle Mariners signed Junior Lake to a minor league deal. Oh, what might have been for the young man. Came in like a lion with the Cubs, but went out like a lamb.

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