Chicago Cubs: 4 things that can stop their World Series aspirations

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Chicago Cubs
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs have a solid and determined team headed into the 2018 season. But there are a few potholes that could derail them.

The Chicago Cubs are an excited group, one year removed from their World Series championship. Last offseason was punctuated by a constant amount of appearances on TV, commercials and such, and seemed to leave little time to get ready for the coming season. Now the Cubs have a full-year to prepare. And as Ben Zobrist has said, the hunger is back.

So while the Cubs are out to prove that they’re the best team in baseball, there are plenty of roadblocks that could hinder them. With a team built to win now, the Cubs are looking to get it done–but what could stop them? We take a look at the possible roadblocks that could slow down or derail the Cubs hope of returning to the World Series.