Chicago Cubs: 4 things that can stop their World Series aspirations

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Chicago Cubs
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Situational hitting, be damned!

Look, we all know the Cubs weren’t the greatest at picking their spots. And other guys were worse than others (looking at you, Javier Baez). The hope is that that new hitting coach Chili Davis can straighten some of these guys out. But the Cubs can’t survive on home runs or bust like they did last season.

When it came to moving runners over, they failed. Part of that could be put on Maddon not putting runners in motion, hit-and-run, etc. But when you’re a major league hitter, you have to know what needs to be done without coaxing from the staff. The Cubs lacked that part of the game.

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To be honest, these things could take any teams out of the race, much less the Cubs. But these are the ones that I see being a cause not for concern, but to at least be taken notice of. The Cubs made it to and won the 2016 World Series because they were healthy. Let’s just they can stay that way as they look to get back again this year.