Chicago Cubs News: PECOTA released; Almora to leadoff?

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Yesterday, Baseball Prospectus released their PECOTA projections for the season. While the Chicago Cubs are picked to win the division, some of them left us perplexed. And is it time to give Albert Almora a chance at the leadoff spot?

For the Chicago Cubs, most of the projections are coming up gravy for them. Most pick the Cubs to win the division, although the amount of wins varies between each. BP released its PECOTA projections yesterday, and it has the Cubs winning the Central by a few games. But some of the other numbers left us scratching our heads, especially with the pitching staff. Will no one win more than 13 games? It’s just a forecast, but it’s a little hard to believe.

We’ve dodged around all the possible candidates for the Cubs’ leadoff role. While some have been more valid than others, we’ve gotten to the one the fans have been clamoring for. Albert Almora. First, he needs to secure the starting role in centerfield. Once he has that, should he be given a chance to leadoff? Many say yes. But it’s not as cut and dry as you may believe. With a walk rate that’s exactly the same as Javier Baez, there are still questions.

The Cubs released their TV broadcast schedule on Tuesday, highlighted by four games on ESPN. Also, 45 games will be carried by WGN and the rest being carried on various cable networks. The Cubs will open with the Miami Marlins to start the season. You should NEVER assume anything, but it’s the Marlins. The Cubs will play the Dodgers in the last two weeks of June, an early matchup of possible NLCS foes.

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