Chicago Cubs: A look at Lance Lynn; Rizzo to leadoff?

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As we get a little bit closer to Spring Training, we wanted to look at some of the players that we know we’ll be with the Chicago Cubs this season (Looking at you, Darvish). As well as some others we just haven’t talked about this offseason.

Let’s start with the guys we haven’t talked about much this winter. The Chicago Cubs need another starter. There’s no doubt about that. But do we need a high-priced starter as everyone has alluded to? What about Lance Lynn? One of the comments I’ve seen is he gives up too much “hard” contact. He does give up his fair share, but when you see his numbers from last season side by side with the other big three? And then what he’s likely to want for a deal? Done. Sign him up.

2016 was a great year–for everyone. Not to be left out of that was Addison Russell. An All-Star appearance followed by big at-bat’s in the postseason helped finish off a stellar season for Russell. But 2017 didn’t bring more of the same, as domestic violence issues lingered over him. While they have seemingly disappeared in the eyes of the MLB, it’s left a cloud over Russell. 2018 could be a big year for the young slugger as he looks to turn the page.

The first thing we read when we posted about Anthony Rizzo at leadoff was “no.” When we put up his numbers in the one-hole? “No. He’s a cleanup hitter”. The goal of a leadoff hitter is to get on at all costs, and battle–making the pitcher work. Done and done. So why won’t anyone look at Rizzo like a leadoff hitter? It might be time to break the mold of what you think one should look like, and start looking at what it could be.

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