Chicago Cubs: It’s time to take a look at Lance Lynn

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Lance Lynn /

If you’re tired of the Chicago Cubs’ and their pursuit of Yu Darvish, Alex Cobb and Jake Arrieta–we don’t blame you. So if the Cubs are going to test the market and are tired of these guys? How about Lance Lynn?

I’m not going to give you an update on any of the three pitchers the Chicago Cubs have been after. Fact is, I need a break. It’s been a ridiculous ride with all three of them, especially Yu Darvish. But the Cubs have come back around to Alex Cobb and Jake Arrieta, as well. It’s gotten to a point that my head is starting to spin. Mostly from nausea. Actually, all of it from nausea.

So what if the Cubs are desperate to add another pitcher? And what if they’re tired of being jerked around by Darvish? I mean, c’mon. The man has been “ready to sign” for the past three weeks. And Arrieta only seems to become a talking point when the other guys get to be a little bit much. Earlier, we looked at Chris Tillman. I now present to you, Lance Lynn.

Would you rather see Monty in the pen?

Look, if you’d prefer to see Mike Montgomery in the bullpen or as a spot starter, the Cubs will need to sign somebody. Darvish wants a sixth year, and Arrieta seems to want a hefty salary and a possible fifth year. Cobb has been relatively quiet on his demands, but since the Cubs didn’t sign him out of the gate? You have to imagine that number of his has crept up since early negotiations.

So why not Lynn? After having Tommy John surgery in 2015, Lynn returned to the rotation and was a reliable starter. He’s averaged 32 starts per season, with just under 200 innings at 193. While he’s durable, Fangraphs sees him taking a turn for the worse in 2018. His Steamer projections have him at an 8-9 record with a 4.67 ERA. They also see him making just 26 starts, but I don’t see that being the case.

Solid as they come

Lynn has proven to be a solid starter, even with the TJ surgery in 2015. His most prominent issue this season was the long ball. After allowing just 13 in 2015, Lynn followed that up with 27 home runs allowed in 2017. By far the most in his career, with 16 being the most prior in his 2012 All-Star season.

But when you start looking at the numbers, Lynn is just as comparable to the other “big three,” maybe even better? Okay, okay. I’m by no means saying he’s as good as any of the others. But his numbers can be put side by side with Darvish, Arrieta and Cobb and hold firm. If the Cubs are looking for a No. 5 starter, why pay big money for what you can get at a discount?

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Lynn made $7.5 million last season, and shouldn’t trend to much above that. Even with the others waiting for a big payday, the Cubs might be able to get him for something comparable to John Lackey numbers–but for less than Lackey money. You might not be a fan, but the Cubs could be onto something if they look into Lynn.