Chicago Cubs News: Cubs sign Bourjos; Tillman an option?

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 01: Peter Bourjos
HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 01: Peter Bourjos /

The Chicago Cubs added Peter Bourjos on a minor-league deal. Chris Tillman could be a low-risk addition for the Cubs. And with Mark Appel walking away from the game, the Cubs realize how lucky they were with Kris Bryant.

The Chicago Cubs signed Peter Bourjos to a minor-league deal with hopes he can be an extra outfielder. “But they have too many,” you might say. Well, this is what we’re going with. We carried three catchers for a year. Why not five outfielders? Bourjos is known for his speed and his glove–not for his bat. So if he makes the team, it would be a late-inning defensive replacement or some extra speed on the bases.

The Cubs could still be looking around at other possible options for a starter. One of those could be Chris Tillman. While the majority of fans wait to see what Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta might do, Tillman might go last on the list. But it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a low-cost pick up for the Cubs. If the Cubs choose to go a different route than Darvish, Tillman would be a possibility for them.

As the former No. 1 pick Mark Appel walks away from the game of baseball at just 26, the Cubs know they’re lucky. When teams focused intently on pitching prowess, the Cubs were looking at hitters. And it’s not like they pulled a fast one on the Astros. They knew how good Kris Bryant could be. But they had pitching on their mind, so that’s what they went with. For the Cubs, they made the right choice in going with Bryant. A Rookie of the Year and MVP are proof of that.

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