Chicago Cubs Rumors: Favorite or not, it’s time to let Yu Darvish go

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(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images) /

They’re in, they’re out. It seems every week there another Chicago Cubs’ update to the Yu Darvish story. I know everyone wants to see the team do something. But it’s time to let Darvish go.

I feel like I need to preface this whole article. First, when it comes to the Chicago Cubs signing a free agent pitcher? I’ve been a staunch supporter. And even when it came down to Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish, my heart told me, Arrieta. But my head said Darvish. Even with the poor performances in the World Series, Darvish has been trending up for me. But that time has passed, and I think it’s best for the Cubs and their fans if they just let him go.

The talk among the “experts” is that the only thing keeping the two sides apart is the sixth year. At least, on the surface. So much comes down to the teams and representatives of the player using this info to get a better deal. But here’s my two cents. If Darvish wanted to be a Cub, he would be one. So there’s some waffling there on his part. Maybe it the money, possibly the length of the contract. But now that the Dodgers have been brought into the mix, what does this all mean?

Is there progress being made?

When the offseason started, Alex Cobb was a “sure” thing for the Cubs. It was just figuring out a contract and getting him signed to it. But then, it wasn’t that simple. And the Cubs have gone from Cobb to Arrieta, and now back to Darvish. We’ve talked several times here about the Cubs avoiding a six-year deal with pitchers–even one as talented as Darvish.

As far as the Dodgers go, they’re a long shot to get him back. Darvish may be holding out hope that the Dodgers can somehow trade Matt Kemp and make room for him. But that is an unlikely prospect. Plus, what if Clayton Kershaw was to opt-out of his contract and the end of this year? The Dodgers would need some money in the slush fund for him, and even trading Kemp won’t leave that kind of money.

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It’s possible that the Brewers recent pickup of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain have piqued Darvish’s interest. The Brewers were a formidable opponent last season, and they’ve only gotten better. The one thing they lack is starting pitching, and Darvish signing could change all that.

I would like to see the Cubs sign someone, but maybe Darvish isn’t that guy. How about Cobb or Lance Lynn? Heck, I’d even say Arrieta if the deal was just four years. But whichever the case, it might be time to move away from Darvish.