Chicago Cubs News: Give up on Darvish; Cubs to blame?

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It’s been a constant go-round with Yu Darvish and the Chicago Cubs. But it might be time to simply let him go. And are the Cubs to blame for the recent streak of “tankings” in the majors?

The Chicago Cubs have been going round and round with Yu Darvish, seemingly on the edge of him signing. Until he doesn’t. Now they’re saying he should be choosing a team soon, which he was supposed to do last week. I know the Cubs need another pitcher, or would at least prefer one. But it might be time to let him go elsewhere and put their focus on somebody else. The Cubs might be being lead along, maybe not. But it’s time to cut bait and see what else they can do.

When Theo Epstein came to the Cubs, he didn’t mince words. He let the organization and the fans know that they wouldn’t be very good for a few years. And they weren’t. At all. But by the end of his contract, the Cubs were World Series champions, and Epstein got himself an extension. So did the Cubs play into all the tanking that going on in baseball? Or has this always been happening, to an extent?

When you talk “aces,” who comes to mind? Some think seem to feel that Yu Darvish is the guy they need. There’s always Jon Lester, but he’s getting up there. What about Kyle Hendricks? Some say he’s close but not quite there. But for a pitcher that was a No. 5 starter just a few seasons ago, Hendricks has elevated his game. An injury slowed him last year, but the quality numbers were still there. Is Hendricks the ace the Cubs have been looking for?

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