Chicago Cubs News: Brewers rivalry heats up; Heyward to CF?

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With the additions that the Milwaukee Brewers made so far, the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and them should reach an all-time high. And will Jason Heyward see time in centerfield?

Things have gotten a little bit more interesting in the Central division. The Chicago Cubs are still the cream of the crop on paper, but the Milwaukee Brewers are gaining ground on the Cubs. With the addition of Lorenzo Cain and the trade for Christian Yelich, the Brewers have come along way this offseason. Is it enough to catch the Cubs? Not necessarily. But they’re about one strong starter away from getting to that point.

For the Brewers, they’ve emptied out the farm while they’re still in-between phases. While they haven’t had the time to rebuild like the Cubs did, they’re making a run at it in 2018. It cost them a pretty penny to get Yelich, including one of there Top 10 prospects in Lewis Brinson.  Will the gamble pay off for the Brewers? And the other question is, are they done?

One of our newest writers has suggested that it might be time to move Jason Heyward to centerfield due to his poor performance at the plate. Why does it matter if he’s in right field or center? He could put Ian Happ in right field and Heyward in center field, getting more power into the lineup. And while Albert Almora seems like he’s on pace to get the job in center, that’s still to be determined.

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