Chicago Cubs need Jason Heyward to play centerfield especially if his bat doesn’t improve

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Chicago Cubs
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After two disappointing offensive seasons in a row, it is more likely than not that the Chicago Cubs will never get the offensive contributions that they were hoping for when they first signed Jason Heyward to the largest free agent contract in team history.

If Jason Heyward continues to underperform at the plate, the Chicago Cubs can’t justify keeping to leave other corner outfielders on the bench and play Heyward in right. So Heyward should play a lot more centerfield this upcoming season.

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As a Cubs fan, I hope that is not the case. I hope he bounces back and he hits as well or better than he did with the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals. I’m encouraged when I hear that Jason Heyward thinks he’ll be the Cubs team MVP in 2018. If that happens on a team with Kris Bryant the 2016 MVP and Anthony Rizzo who has received MVP votes four years in a row, that would be a great accomplishment for Heyward.

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the video and the pictures of Heyward working hard on his swing shortly after the World Series both this offseason and last. And we can appreciate the dedication that Heyward showed by moving to Arizona in the offseason so he can do that work at the Cubs facility in Mesa. So we know he’s putting in the time and effort. But it is not about Heyward’s work ethnic.