Chicago Cubs News: Kershaw could tilt the NL; Maples without a home

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The Chicago Cubs are in the mix with teams like the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers for dominance in the National League. So what would it mean if Clayton Kershaw opted-out of his contract after next season?

The Chicago Cubs have, of course, been on the lookout for pitching this offseason. And while they haven’t made a big splash, adding Tyler Chatwood to the staff was at least something. But what if instead of talking about Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish, it was Clayton Kershaw that was on the lips of other teams? That’s where the Cubs–and Dodgers–could find themselves in if Kershaw opts out next year. Could the Cubs try and get him? What if the Nats do, adding him to the already formidable pair of Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg?

The Cubs’ Dillon Maples has potential written all over him. After making the jump from the low levels of the minors up to Cubs, Maples showed promise, albeit in a small sample size. But the issues going into this season won’t be a matter of if he can; it’ll be a case of if there’s room. With a group now of about nine bullpen arms, Maples looks to be the odd man out.

The Cubs are once again loaded with positional talent, regardless of what some say. Down years from Kyle Schwarber and Addison Russell doesn’t mean a thing. One bad year doesn’t make it a downswing. The issue will be separating the starters from the bench guys. Knowing who should be in there, and when. The Cubs still have some things to figure out, so spring training can’t come fast enough.

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