Chicago Cubs News: First CubsCon visit; Has anyone caught the Cubs?

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As my co-expert makes his first trip to the Cubs Convention, he plans to simply take it all in. Does he need a plan of attack? Or is he doing this the right way by just enjoying it?

First I have to admit, I’m jealous. My wife was set to get me tickets the Chicago Cubs Convention last year, but we couldn’t make the trip from Charlotte, NC to Chicago. So while I’m disappointed, I’ll just live vicariously through him as he heads off to his first CubsCon. So as he goes to his first, he has no plan in place. The goal is to just take in as much as he can while he’s there. His brother-in-law feels he needs a plan of attack. So which one should it be? Wing it and have fun or a structured plan?

The offseason is far from over but now seemed as good a time as any to assess the division. There have been some moves, but were any of them enough to catch the Cubs? And let’s be honest with ourselves. This really only covers the Cardinals and the Brewers. I checked up on the entire division, but it was more out of common courtesy than anything. So with the Cubs moves, is anyone hot on their tail? Or is it still their division to lose?

The Cubs have brought in a few relievers over the past few seasons. And not all of them had the success they had before. Adam Warren and Joe Smith are an example of that, and now Justin Wilson can be added to that list. But Warren and Smith have gone on and returned to success. Jed Hoyer says it’s an onboarding issue and takes responsibility for his woes. Is this an issue that lies not on the pitching rubber, but at the top?

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