Chicago Cubs: Thoughts heading into my first-ever Cubs Convention

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My brother-in-law continues to tell me I need a plan of attack for Cubs Convention. As a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan who’s never been, I’m not really sure.

Growing up, I always loved the Chicago Cubs. But going to games – let alone Cubs Convention – just wasn’t in the cards. Now that I’m older, married and out on my own, suffice to say the Cubs get their fair share from me each year (in both dollars and lost years off my life).

But with just days left on the countdown, it’s finally happening. I’m going to my first-ever Cubs Convention this weekend with my brother-in-law. Now, Grayson has done this a time or two, Granted, he was a kid the last time he went (nearly 10 years ago), but he’s been around the block.

And he says I need a plan.

To be honest, I’m torn. On one hand, I know he’s right. If I want to get autographs and some of my rapidly-growing memorabilia signed, I can’t just go in guns blazing and hope for the best. But another part of me – perhaps a larger part, is contemplating an entirely altogether different approach to my first Cubs Convention.

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I just want to take it all in.

To be fair, I don’t even know what to expect. When I think about it, I kind of envision a lot of red and blue and a fair number of crazy fans. More memorabilia and collectibles than my wife will ever want me coming home with (sorry, consider this your forewarning, dear) and an excitement in the air.

The fact that Derrek Lee and Carlos Zambrano are returning this year – along with Andre Dawson‘s rejoining the organization – make it incredibly special, as well. Lee and Big Z were two of the Cubs’ best players as I – and my fandom – grew.

Soaking it all in – as best I can

I’m not going to lie. I’ll make sure I get a couple autographs. I’m not even picky on who they come from. More important to me is just relishing the opportunity to soak it up.

To have the opportunity to be there and share my love with the countless other fans there is an honor and a privilege. We’ve seen it all – the losing and the long-awaited winning. There’s never been a better time to be a Cubs fan than right now.

Getting to go with my brother-in-law makes it even more meaningful. I’d like to think I’m one of the biggest Cubs fans I know. But when it comes to collecting, memorabilia and the likes, he has no rival – at least not in anyone I personally know.

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So three days of the team I love enjoyed with family and fellow Cubs fans? That’s what Cubs Convention is about. Not planning or chasing players down the hall for autographs (seriously, I’m near-seven feet tall – can you imagine?). It’s about the love we all share for this team.

That’s what this weekend means to me.

Here’s to all of you who will be there. And, perhaps even more so – to those who won’t. Go Cubs – let’s get ready for another exciting season at the Friendly Confines, everyone!