Chicago Cubs News: Rizzo trade anniversary; Arrieta reunion?

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It was one year ago yesterday that the Chicago Cubs saved Anthony Rizzo from San Diego, and the Cubs couldn’t be happier. And should the Cubs bring back Jake Arrieta?

In Theo Epstein’s first deal with the Chicago Cubs, he traded away a potentially solid starter in Andrew Cashner. It was a deal that many weren’t sure that Epstein knew what he was doing. But in the end, it was a brilliant move and solidified the first base position for many years to come. It easy to ask where the Cubs would be without Rizzo, but you could also ask where he would be without the Cubs?

Here at Cubbies Crib, we’re no different from other groups of fans. We have differing opinions of players, which is why you’ll see us say let a guy go one day, sign him the next. Such is the case with Jake Arrieta. As a whole, we’re pretty split on what the Cubs should do. In any case, never for the big money that he asked for initially. But what about a reasonable deal? Our Daniel Shepard thinks if that’s the case, the Cubs need to bring him back.

When the Cubs needed a closer in 2016, they turned to the Yankees. It was a full-blown rental, as Aroldis Chapman came to the Cubs in a 4 for 1 deal. One of the players the Cubs sent to New York was a young shortstop in Gleyber Torres. The Cubs didn’t feel they had a place for him, and his value was high. But as he’s about to make his way into the majors, just remember what that deal brought to Chicago. A World Series. And everything should be alright.

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