Chicago Cubs: Outfielder Eloy Jimenez might be a stud – and that’s OK

(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images) /

Unless you spent 2017 under a rock, you’re probably aware the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox pulled off a blockbuster trade last summer.

The Chicago Cubs shipped off top prospects Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease to go along with two lower level minor leaguers for left-hander Jose Quintana.  Of course, there were some fans on both sides who were ecstatic, and some who were furious.

From a Sox fan’s perspective, they didn’t want to give Quintana away because he was a fan favorite.  But both Sox and Cubs fans know that rebuilds take time and you have to acquire high-level prospect talent.

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It seemed like Cubs fans were a little more angry than their South Side counterparts.  There’s just a pocket of Cubs fans who aren’t willing to part with prospects – even when it makes sense.

My take is that they’re prospects.  That means that aren’t a sure thing.  The Cubs have had a high hit rate with prospects in the Epstein/Hoyer regime.

Granted, there are prospects who become great talents, the list for that one goes on and on.  But do you remember number one overall picks that haven’t panned out?  Guys like Brady Aiken, Mark Appel and Tim Beckham.  And those guys are draft picks in the past ten years alone.

Let’s get back to the issue at hand, the Quintana deal.  The biggest gripe Cubs fans had with the deal was the fact that Eloy Jimenez was involved.

Jimenez seems to be a monster in the minors

Eloy Jimenez appears to be an absolute beast, which is why he was the cornerstone prospect of this deal. In the Dominican Winter League this offseason, he had a slash line of .368/.443/.676 to go along with 4 home runs in just 19 games.

Is the level of competition the same as it is in the majors?  Of course not, what a stupid question.  But also consider the fact that, according to Baseball Reference, he was 6.2 years younger than the average age of the guys in the league.

He’s tearing up the competition in the minors and if he continues this trend he’ll have a great major league career.  So I have a question to ask you Cubs fans, are you going to be angry when you see Eloy taking some deep or making a diving catch?

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You probably are, but that’s not the correct reaction.  Well, if you want to be a meatball and own it, let your meatball flag fly.  Keep in mind, the Cubs got a controllable top of the rotation starter in this deal.

Jimenez may be great, but he was dealt in order for the Cubs to maximize their championship window. Take a deep breath. It’s too soon to call it a loss – or a win.