Chicago Cubs News: Interest in Darvish, Schwarber’s opportunity

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The Chicago Cubs could have interest in Yu Darvish, per reports (from Japan). And Kyle Schwarber isn’t getting traded. So put that in your pocket for awhile. He’s had one full season with the Cubs. Relax and let him play.

At the start of the offseason, the Chicago Cubs seemed destined to sign Alex Cobb. The reported deal was roughly four years for $60 million. That sounded great. But things have changed. Now it seems he is looking for $20 million per year. So maybe the Cubs need to consider another option, that being Yu Darvish. Would a step up to Darvish be worth the money?

It seems every few weeks we need to write a “They aren’t trading Kyle Schwarber” piece. It’s usually met with “stop being sentimental”. It has nothing to do with sentiment. Schwarber showed his hitting talent from day one. Previously a catcher, he was moved to the outfield. Yes. He’s struggled, but it’s not near as dramatic as some like to claim. He hit 30 home runs last year, even among all his struggles. The Cubs are going to give him the chance to succeed before giving up on him.

The Cubs are still loaded with positional talent, at least until 2021. That ties in with Theo Epstein’s contract. So will the Cubs window close in 2021? It’s easy to say “let’s worry about that when it gets here.” But if the Cubs did that, they’d be in trouble. So they’re working on a plan behind the scenes, trying to keep that window open beyond 2021.

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