Chicago Cubs News: Salazar rumors continue; Speed not necessary

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 22: Danny Salazar
CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 22: Danny Salazar /

The Chicago Cubs once again had Danny Salazar in mind as they talked trade, but seemingly it has cooled off. But it’s possible the Cubs might still have something on the burner as they look to finish off the Winter Meetings with a final move.

The Chicago Cubs were linked to Danny Salazar for a potential trade, this one possibly including Jason Kipnis. It seems that the deal was contingent on a few other things and those fell through. So while Kipnis is out (was another Cubs infielder going to be moved?), talks seem to have shifted back to a deal for just Salazar. The word may have gotten out that the Cubs don’t plan to trade Kyle Schwarber, so the Indians target is Ian Happ.

While perusing about the internet, our Jacob Misener came across a troubling question in a Cubs’ group. Should they trade Albert Almora for Billy Hamilton because of his speed? This wasn’t a rumor, just a fan questioning the Cubs’ leadoff position. Well, my co-expert didn’t take that so well. So that you know, speed is not necessary to win. Especially when you’re Hamilton and have a career on-base percentage of below .300. He gives his thoughts on the ever-present speed question at the top.

The Cubs’ Jake Arrieta still sits on the market, waiting for someone to sign him. Following his 2015 season, he likely never thought he’d be out there this long. His stuff isn’t as good as it was then, but he’s still a strong starter. And in my opinion, I’d take him over Yu Darvish any day. That being said, asking for $200 million might make things a little bit more convoluted. He’s a good pitcher, but at 32 years old and wanting that much money? Hard pass.

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