Chicago Cubs Rumors: Danny Salazar rumors won’t go away

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 09: Danny Salazar
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 09: Danny Salazar /

For the Chicago Cubs, if it isn’t Chris Archer, it’s Danny Salazar. The rumors continue to swirl for each of them as the Winter Meetings move into their third day.

As the Winter Meetings move into their third day, the Chicago Cubs continue to peruse the market for pitching. As we’ve already heard the Chris Archer rumors, Danny Salazar has snuck back into the conversation. While at first it seemed just talk, things seemed to have picked up.

And assuming Charles the Cat knows what he is talking about (I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth), it may have to do a lot with the status of the offer to Alex Cobb. The Cubs have apparently put a “take it or leave it” offer on the table for Cobb.

So that leads us to the Salazar rumors, which seem to be picking up steam–whatever that means. Here’s the question. The Cleveland Indians are in search of left-handed hitters. While they appear to have more than enough as it is, they likely have an idea of who it is they want.

Speculation has it as Kyle Schwarber as the man they’re looking at. Sean Sears has “confirmed” a source that ties Jason Kipnis to the deal. This deal doesn’t work for the Cubs unless this is the start of a “trickle down trade” for them. Kipnis would still leave a cluster of middle infielders for the Cubs.

If anything, I can see this working for Ian Happ more than Schwarber. First, it appears that Schwarber isn’t going anywhere anything soon. It would clear up the middle infield, as well as opening up center field for Albert Almora Jr.

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The St. Louis Cardinals reportedly have acquired Marcell Ozuna from the Miami Marlins as they continue their fire sale under new management. With Giancarlo Stanton in New York and Ozuna on his way to the Cardinals, that would leave Christian Yelich as the lone outfielder left. Could the Cubs pursue him now that the Cardinals have made a move? Stay tuned for more from the Winter Meetings.