Chicago Cubs: Where will former Cub Starlin Castro end up?

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Starlin Castro
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Starlin Castro /

The biggest news of the offseason featured former Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro, as he was traded to Miami in return for 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton. But Castro isn’t likely to stay in Miami. So where will he land?

The New York Yankees and Miami Marlins made the biggest splash of the offseason before Winter Meetings even began. It turns out new Marlins co-owner Derek Jeter is still working in the interest of helping the Yankees win the World Series. In an effort to shed payroll and rebuild, the Marlins traded 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees in return for former Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro and two prospects.

The Marlins, however, are not done moving pieces and clearing salary. Castro isn’t expected to remain with the Marlins for very long. Stanton’s $300 million contract is now in the hands of the Yankees. But Castro is still owed $22 million over the next two years. The Marlins will likely try to flip Castro for prospects. Where will he end up?

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From the Bronx to Queens

One report stated the New York Mets have shown interest in the 27-year-old infielder. So he may not want to pack up his stuff too quickly. The Mets would likely utilize Castro at second base just as the Yankees did.

Castro had a productive 2017 season with the Yankees. He slashed .300/.338/.452 with 16 home runs and 63 RBI.

It is a possibility that Castro could stay with Miami for 2018, but not very likely. Castro is owed over $10 million in 2018 and 2019 and has a club option worth $16 million in 2020. With the Marlins’ top priority being to cut as much payroll as they can, he’s probably going back on the trading block.

His ability to play both shortstop and second base should widen the range of potentially interested teams. Though, it should be noted Castro isn’t known for his glove work. According to FanGraphs, Castro was somewhat of a defensive liability for the Yankees the past couple seasons.

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Another new chapter

It’s an unfortunate situation for the former Cub. Moving around multiple times in the span of a couple months can be a hard on a family. To Castro’s credit, he apparently stuck around to sign some Yankees items for fans even after being informed of the trade. That’s a classy move and certainly reflects well on his character.

Castro slashed .281/.321/.404 with 62 home runs and 363 RBI over the course of his six years with the Chicago Cubs. He stuck around during some truly awful years with the Cubs, only to be traded when the team’s plans for future success started coming to fruition. It was a necessary move, but one can’t help but feel bad for him. Hopefully he ends up with a contending team before all is said and done.