Chicago Cubs News: Maddon’s role, Lange one to watch

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 11: Manager Joe Maddon
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 11: Manager Joe Maddon /

The Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon is a unique manager, and his style might be the best fit for Shonei Ohtani. And the young Alex Lange is one you should be keeping an eye on.

The Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon has never failed to be unusual, sometimes even bizarre. But that sort of quirkiness to his managing style may play well with Shohei Ohtani. While the Cubs hope to have made a good impression on Ohtani, Maddon could be the one that can sell him on the big market, National League team. Pitching every fifth day and being a DH is easy (or so I say.) But pitching every fifth day in the NL, and playing a corner outfield spot? If anybody can make it work, it might be Maddon.

He’s young, talented but raw. But he also has the potential to be the Cubs’ next ace. That’s high praise for a kid that pitched very little for Eugene and got roughed up a bit. But we’re looking past all that for what he could do if he can harness that potential. With a devastating curveball, Alex Lange has the ability to become a dominant pitcher. But can he overcome his wild ways at times to be that pitcher? Our newest writer, Corey Burkhardt thinks so.

Has the Cubs’ offseason been too quiet for you? Our Corey Francis has been wondering about that, so he went on Twitter to see what other fans felt. He’s put together some questions that you might have been asking yourself about the Cubs–like why Ohtani–to others you likely hadn’t thought of. But each of these are ones that Cubs fans in some way, shape or form are asking.

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