Chicago Cubs: Starting to question the Cubs’ Way this offseason

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(Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images)
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The offseason for the Chicago Cubs has been quiet. Too quiet. With the lack of activity comes questions about what the team is really doing.

Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I am a Chicago Cubs fan. Have been for 30 years. I grew up watching games after school at my Mamaw’s house, listening to the antics of Harry Caray and sitting amazed by the play of Ryne Sandberg. The laser-arm of Shawon Dunston. Watching fans bow in amazement to Andre Dawson.

And, I am passing this tradition and passion onto my oldest daughter.  We were even lucky enough to walk the warning track of Wrigley Field in 2014, then watch Anthony Rizzo in the batting cage under the right-field bleachers. Of course, this was before the renovations. But, I submit all of this to establish that I am no “bandwagon” or “front-runner” fan.

Now, on to business.

What in the heck are the Chicago Cubs doing this offseason? Before you start throwing shade on Twitter about this question, believe me when I say I understand we have yet to reach the Winter Meetings. There is plenty of time. However, the silence is deafening and what noise we do here is head-scratching.

This is leading to serious questions. At least, I do. Many of you may share these as well, so let’s talk it through.