Chicago Cubs: Show some love for Albert Almora Jr.

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14: Albert Almora Jr.
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14: Albert Almora Jr. /

Can the Chicago Cubs give some love to my guy Albert Almora Jr.?

I’ve been campaigning for the Chicago Cubs to start Albert Almora for the longest time.  I think he’s the centerfielder of the future, but then why does he seem not to see the field as often as a typical centerfielder of the future?

It’s not like he isn’t producing either.  Last year he had a slash line of .298/.335/.445.  And not to mention the man absolutely feats off of left-handers.  In 111 ABs this past season, Almora’s slash line was .342/.411/.486.

His numbers against right-handers could stand to improve, though.  The way you develop at something is through experience.

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Based off of those numbers alone, you would think that he would be an everyday starter.  Almora only started 65 games in 2017.

Keep in mind Jon Jay had a solid 2017, but Cubs fans knew that Jay was a short-term option.  It’s not like Joe is known for not trusting young players… cough, Dusty, cough.

Like all young players, they need to adjust to the majors.  The way you do that is this revolutionary idea, you play more!

Practice makes perfect

Almora shows incredible defensive potential – he’s always a highlight reel threat.  But now and then, he’ll show his inexperience. Again the way you can fix that, get him on the field!  Some of you may still feel that he’ll be better suited as a platoon option.  At the same time, some people are still clamoring to sign free agents.

Even if the Cubs sign a free agent or they trade for someone now or down the line, Almora can play all three outfield positions and play them well.

That means when Bryce Harper signs with the Cubs next year, you can put Harper in left, Heyward in right, and leave Almora in center.  I know I shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, but I feel like I should follow the Lavar Ball method and “speak it into existence.”

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Let’s review Almora, he is only 23 years old, he’s a very good defender who was potential to be great, is versatile, and he dominates left-handers.  Does that sound like a platoon to you?   No, that sounds like a starter.