Chicago Cubs News: Strop’s solid season, Happ on the block again?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Pedro Strop
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Pedro Strop /

The Chicago Cubs’ Pedro Strop isn’t perfect, but he once again had a solid season out of the bullpen. And after “surviving” trade rumors last season, could Ian Happ be on the block again?

When you’re trying to rate pitchers, it seems bad games stick in your mind. What about the Chicago Cubs relievers? You probably remember Carl Edward walking the pitcher with the bases loaded to force in a run, right? Some people seem to think that every time Pedro Strop comes in the game, he gives up a run. But that’s not even close to true. And we’ve got the numbers to show he was one of the best out of the Cubs’ bullpen this year.

Before Ian Happ‘s call-up, he was a hot topic of trade discussions. While most considered Eloy Jimenez off limits, Happ was the next logical trade piece. But after being called up and hitting 24 home runs in 115 games, he seemed to have silenced those calling for him to be dealt. Now, with very little in the farm system to move, Happ’s name might be on the block again. The Cubs need pitching and might need to trade from the MLB roster to get it. Could it still be Happ?

With the year over and the Cubs’ coming off of a third-straight playoff appearance, we wanted to look at the best skippers in the modern era for the Cubs. It’s pretty clear that with 55 managers in the modern era (since 1900), a few stand out. Joe Maddon has had a successful three years, so is that enough to put him at the top of the list? What about Dusty Bakey, or maybe Lou Pinella?

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