Chicago Cubs: Where does Joe Maddon rank amongst team’s skippers all-time?

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Let the debate begin and end with one name. Joe Maddon. Without a doubt, he is the one of greatest manager of the Chicago Cubs in the modern era.

Baseball. The game in which we debate every last detail. Whether or not a bunt is wise in a given situation. Was that pitching change too early or too late? What in the world was (insert manager or player) thinking when they (insert action here)? Who was the best players in team history? We do this all the time. And, fans of the Chicago Cubs are no exception.

It is just part of the game. We watch and analyze every part of the game.

But, as we look over the history of the Cubs, one fact becomes abundantly clear. Whether or not we agree with every action – if we think Albert Almora should play over Kyle Schwarber, or how he utilizes the bullpen – Joe Maddon is one of the best managers the Cubs have hired in the Modern Era.

With that question in mind, who are the top managers of the Chicago Cubs since 1900? There are only 55 from which to choose. And, according to  historian Elizabeth Nix, the year 1900 is the beginning of the Modern Era. Given those factors, and the numbers from all managers during this era, you get five clear top managers.

Since 1900, only 11 managers have first place finishes. Fifteen finished their careers with a winning percentage above .500. Six made it to the World Series. Two walked away with a championship.

And, with that said, here are the top five Chicago Cubs managers of all time.