Chicago Cubs News: Schwarber has work to do, new rival in Dodgers

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Kyle Schwarber
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Kyle Schwarber /

The Chicago Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber had sky-high expectations this season. But those were grounded as he came out flat, looking nothing like the hitter he was in the World Series last season.

It was a difficult season for the Chicago CubsKyle Schwarber. Did we expect too much from him? He hadn’t played a full major league season yet, but we thought he should be a .300 hitter with 50 home runs. Schwarber did manage to hit 30 home runs in a tough campaign, which included a trip down to the minors for a brief period. When he returned, he was hitting around .250–still better than the .171 he took down with him. Schwarber still has plenty of potential, but will he reach it? And will it be as a Cub?

The Cubs and Dodgers met in the NLCS, although it was a bit anti-climactic. The Dodgers proved to be the better team this season, eliminating the Cubs in five games. But with similarly constructed rosters, with the same types of players, these two teams could be meeting again in the playoffs very soon. We look at how the last two seasons may be the beginning of a rivalry from across the nation.

The Cubs will be looking for pitching this offseason. Two of the bigger names that will be available are Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta. And when looking at the two in “big games”? There’s no debating, Arrieta is the guy you want to hand the ball to. Which is why Darvish’s performance in the World Series was a sign the Cubs need to sign Arrieta if they’re going to do something through free agency. If they trade, there might be someone better out there. But not in free agency.

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